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1. Don't place sharp pointed objects on a black top driveway. These will cause holes and indentations.

2. Don't turn the wheel of your car sharply while the car is standing still as this will scuff the surface.

3. Don't park the car in the same spot each time during the first year. Change its position each time that you park.

4. Don't allow large heavy vehicles in your driveway. Chances are the base has not been designed for it, and you will get failure from shearing. This effect is due to a lack of support, unless the site is designed for commercial use. The typical design for commercial traffic is two layers.

5. Don’t allow weeds to crowd edges. At the peak of their growth during the summer, weeds have been known to lift the edges or to grow right through the black top.

6. Don't drive or park near the edges of your driveway unless you have a restraining system such as a concrete or stone curb as support.

7. As part of a more stable and 'finished looking' driveway, we recommend that you back fill the edges with topsoil to prevent edge cracking.

8. Sealcoat your new driveway within one year of it's completion.

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